Architectural concrete stairs and step facings

Architectural concrete stairs, both outdoor and indoor, are characterized primarily by: resistance, functionality, safety and appropriate appearance. Concrete steps are constantly in use, so they must be durable and resistant, and at the same time aesthetically pleasing, regardless of whether they are new or already years old and how often they are used.

Architectural concrete is a material that provides all of the above properties. It is suitable for use both outdoors - exposed to weather conditions, and indoors - including those heavily used, such as public buildings especially in larger cities such as Wroclaw. Architectural concrete stairs, concrete step caps and other concrete elements are just some of the elements in our offer.

Here you will also find architectural concrete cladding, concrete treads and other concrete elements for stairs.

We make treads and treads, L-shaped overlays, and prefabricated stairs.

Concrete elements are impregnated and have a smooth or slightly porous structure.

In the case of "L"-shaped elements, the vertical element (treads) is porous/strongly porous.

Concrete stairs - available colors:
Gray (natural)
Dark grey

Concrete steps and other elements

We offer a wide selection of both stairs and step facings, as well as steps, treads and L-shaped overlays.

Modern Concrete elements combine aesthetics, durability and top quality. They are made with attention to detail so that every single step is flawless. It is worth knowing that the technology of concrete production provides a slightly different texture of each element, which gives them uniqueness and individuality. We make concrete stair treads with any texture - smooth or slightly porous, providing less risk of slipping. Architectural concrete in our workmanship is prepared in several color versions, so that you can seamlessly achieve the desired effects. Thanks to this, the products can be matched to any interior or facade of the building..

Concrete stairs and concrete steps for outdoor stairs by Modern Concrete are modern, elegant, durable and aesthetically pleasing. We recommend them for, among other things:

  • residential and commercial development,

  • for staircases,

  • other spaces in industrial style.

All our products - architectural concrete steps, cladding and precast - are impregnated. This makes them truly versatile products: architectural concrete stairs ordered from us will work well as interior stairs (in staircases, two-story apartments or two-story cottages), but they can also be installed outdoors - at the entrance to the building or the descent to the terrace. Thus, our stairs can be used not only in private housing. They will also fulfill their function next to public buildings or in parks - as an amphitheater structure or entrance to an elegant gazebo. Check out our cladding for outdoor and indoor concrete steps!