Architectural concrete facade panels

Modern Concrete are façade panels made of high-quality architectural concrete with a beautifully shaped structure (from satin smooth to medium and strong porosity), slender and very thin (8 mm).

The architectural concrete panels we produce meet all the required standards and are suitable for installation outdoors as a building facade. It is possible to mount façade panels on glue, mounting anchors as well as on aluminum substructures. Concrete facade tiles can also be mounted on ventilated facades. In our gallery you will find sample realizations of facades using our product.

Custom concrete facade tiles

We make facade panels in personalized sizes for both individual and business customers. Bring contemporary trends from the interiors also to the facade of the building of the company or home. Concrete façade tiles will make both a residential and office building stand out from the rest, and the wide range of texture and color variants in our offer will ensure that the building will never be monotonous.

Our standard offer includes two sizes of tiles in five color variants and three types of texture:

60 cm / 120 cm
Thickness: NEW 1.1 cm / 2cm
Area: 0.72 m²
Weight: 13 kg / 24 kg
50 cm / 100 cm
Thickness: 1.5 cm
Area: 0.5 m²
Weight: 15 kg

Texture of architectural concrete panels

Highly porous

Colour of architectural concrete panels

Gray (natural)
Dark grey

Facade concrete panels - timeless simplicity

If you care about a fashionable facade of your building, then concrete facade panels will work great. They are fully esistant even to the harshest weather conditions or any mechanical damage. Concrete facade panels are also distinguished by exceptional aesthetics and elegance. So, in order to emphasize minimalist blocks in an industrial style, choose just such facade panels. The price, which is not exorbitant, is only an additional advantage that will encourage you to buy. Architectural concrete pedestal will also look great, which, in addition to its structural function, can also be decorative. Prominent and bright colors of building facades were popular in the past. Today, the bet is on more subdued colors, which will never go out of fashion. So it is worth choosing concrete facade panels in colors such as gray, white or anthracite. Such colors on private buildings or even public buildings always harmonize beautifully with the nature that surrounds them and the urban landscape of larger cities. Concrete façade slab will impressively decorate the walls of any building, but if you have doubts about what color and size will be the most suitable - contact us. We will be happy to advise and suggest which facade concrete slabs will be best.

Concrete façade tiles from Modern Concrete

Since concrete facade panels are not only decorative, but also an important part of a building's design, which is expected to last for a very long time - it is not worth risking the purchase of untested finishing materials. When the appropriate production rules are not followed, defects and shortcomings (such as bulges or crooked slabs) may appear, which in the long run may interfere with use and irritate unnecessarily. Therefore, it is always worth betting on the solutions of a company that has experience and specializes in the production of top-quality elements, which include concrete façade tiles. Such companies include Modern Concrete. We know our product best and do our best to ensure that each concrete façade tile is prepared according to our own technology, which we have developed. This makes all the concrete façade tiles that are in our offer identical in terms of durability and strength. We do not allow the sale of products that do not meet the highest standards for solidity and aesthetics. So if you value quality and a guarantee of durability for a long time. You have come to a great place. We invite you to place orders, and if you have any questions, we remain at your disposal.