Product card

Architectural concrete tiles are designed to decorate the walls of rooms and facades. They are made using the casting method. They can be used both in residential buildings and public buildings.

Outside as well as inside

For the outdoors and rooms with humid conditions indoors (bathrooms, bathing rooms, spas, kitchens) it is recommended to use additional finishing.

Architectural concrete is a natural material whose surface contains bumps and dents, irregularly distributed and of different intensities and quantities, and the delicate spots of coloration may vary slightly in shades. It must be remembered that architectural concrete is affected by atmospheric conditions (humidity, temperature, sunlight). It is characterized by low absorbency; however, when in contact with water and other fluids, it can absorb water, resulting in a temporary or permanent color change. Discoloration caused by changes in humidity or air temperature are a natural feature of the product, so they do not constitute a defect and cannot be grounds for complaint. In addition, after the installation of concrete elements and during drying, changes in color tone and geometry may occur.

Receipt of goods

Any damage should be reported to the courier at the time of delivery or to the employee (upon delivery). After receipt of the shipment, damage claims will not be accepted. Concrete tile size may differ from the size stated by the producer up to 0.9%, and the producer reserves the possibility of the occurrence of so-called ??? of up to 3-5 mm.

Storage and transportation:

Architectural concrete tiles should be stored indoors, at a temperature of 5-25°C, separately, standing against a wall/stand. For transport, avoid long-term storage on pallets. Protect the tiles against bad weather conditions such as rain or strong sunlight. Before installation, the concrete products should be unpacked and left for about 48 hours in a dry, ventilated room to stabilize their color.


  1. The tiles should be dry and free of defects before being glued to the surface. Use glue for architectural concrete or the one recommended by the seller.

  2. Not every wall covered with gypsum plaster is suitable for gluing architectural concrete tiles; in case of doubt, it is recommended to use mechanical fasteners.

  3. Use clean gloves when installing.

  4. Before installing, it is recommended that the tiles be arranged to match possible shades.

  5. Before gluing, make sure that the glue does not damage the tile, i.e. glue one tile and wait for the glue to dry to see if there is any discoloration or damage.

  6. The tiles should be installed taking into consideration a minimum dilatation of 3-5 mm.

  7. The tiles must not be dirtied with glue or any other substance, and any dirt should be removed immediately.

  8. The installation surface of the tiles must be cleaned.

  9. Architectural concrete should be installed in accordance with the rules of natural stone installation.

  10. All work on architectural concrete should be done using diamond tools. Hammer drills should not be used.

  11. It is recommended to finish architectural concrete tiles.

  12. All work must be done in accordance with the art of building.

  13. For installation, we recommend the use of a two-component polyurethane (anhydrous) glue for architectural concrete. If a glue other than the one indicated is used, COMPLAINTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED and the warranty is no longer valid!

Usage and care:

Do not use aggressive cleaning agents or other chemicals that react with concrete or finishers to care for and clean architectural concrete tiles. Defects that result from mechanical damage, such as a severe impact with a hard object that causes cracks, crumbling or scratches, cannot be grounds for a complaint. Use mild detergents and warm water to clean the finished concrete tiles. Do not use cleaning agents containing bleach, ammonia or abrasive substances. After washing, wipe the tile with a dry cloth.  Hot grease, lemon juice, coffee, tea, and other tough stains, etc. should be removed immediately