Architectural concrete terrace tiles

Timeless, elegant, durable and unique - these are the elements constructed from architectural concrete. Convince yourself of this in person. This material provides a wide range of construction and design possibilities, and in modern homes and gardens it is definitely taking the place of components made of other, less resistant materials. Concrete terrace slabs are durable, resistant to rain, snow and frost, so they are recommended for exposed spaces, terraces, balconies and landscaping elements. See sample realizations!

We manufacture non-standard elements, terrace and cladding panels in individual dimensions for individual customers and companies.

The following offer applies to our standard products.

Garden / sidewalk concrete slabs:

Color of terrace and garden elements:
Gray (natural)
Dark grey

Concrete terraces have been gaining popularity recently - they are elegant and minimalist, and properly arranged architectural concrete terrace slabs can fit into any style. With the use of appropriate accessories (such as garden furniture, cushions or flowerbeds), you can give the terrace any character: from minimalist elegance through the aesthetics of southern countries to modern ethno-design. Concrete terrace slabs, which you will find in our offer, are available in different colors, which also promotes freedom of arrangement.

After all, concrete terraces, contrary to popular opinion, do not have to be a desert: you can create a real jungle on them. However, nothing prevents concrete terrace slabs from retaining their raw character, creating a unique Scandinavian atmosphere. The size of the individual terrace slabs is also important. Choosing the right size also has an impact on the final shape of our arrangement.

In the offer we have prepared for you, we have included concrete terrace slabs of various sizes and in several classic colors. This makes it a truly universal solution - they will be perfect as a floor on the terrace, but you can also pave walkways and paths in the gardenwith them. Special facings, in turn, will allow you to match the fence with other elements of the garden. Concrete terrace slabs are extremely durable and resistant to low temperatures and moisture. It is therefore an aesthetic solution for many years.

In conclusion, terrace slabs are an excellent choice for finishing a garden or terrace. Architectural concrete is durable, weather-resistant and aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to the wide range of products in our store, you can choose such concrete terrace slabs that will best suit your needs. In the case of strongly specified expectations, we can also offer you terrace slabs in unusual sizes for a special order, the details of which we then establish individually with each customer.