Realisations and arrangements using architectural concrete. Architectural concrete is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the aesthetics of modern, industrial or loft interiors.

Connoisseurs of this style will certainly be pleased with high-quality MODERN CONCRETE panels, which have already found their place in many interior designs throughout Poland.

What is so much appreciated by many is that no two boards are alike. Of course, we choose our own colour and texture, but the porosity and slight discolouration characteristic of concrete always create an individual and unique pattern. Arrangements with fair-faced concrete - take a look at the gallery below.

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Think the place of concrete is on the wall under a layer of plaster and paint? And that's where you're wrong, because concrete can be used for both structural and finishing elements.

Modern Concerte has produced many interesting projects using decorative concrete for walls, floors, external facades and internal finishes. We also produce small interior accessories, such as concrete kitchen worktops, which are very popular in modern homes.

On this page we have gathered our most interesting realisations. These range from small inserts and additions to flats to entire constructions and building elevations. In the pictures, you can see what the concrete slab walls look like and get some inspiration on what your flat, house or other premises you intend to renovate might look like.

Each of the realisations shown here is characterised by its own distinct style, which gives the interior its individuality. The concrete panelled walls are austere yet majestic, with a minimalist charm that is particularly evident when combined with chrome and glass elements. They look beautiful backlit by white or coloured LED lighting or just plain natural sunlight.

The arrangements shown here have been made with concrete slabs and elements, which you can view for example in the offer section. There you will also find information about the use and advantages of Modern Concrete solutions.

For whom are concrete finishe

  • For industrial, minimalist and modern homes

  • For single-family homes

  • For kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms

  • Offices, showrooms and public facilities

  • For wellness & spa facilities

  • For all locations where the industrial design style will fit in

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