Architectural concrete

Architectural concrete from Modern Concrete is a high-quality finishing material, the main advantages of which are durability, aesthetic and designer appearance, and a wide range of applications. We supply both architectural concrete panels for walls, architectural concrete cladding for stairs, and elements of small architecture. We also carry out custom designs. Although slabs are the most popular, architectural concrete offers many more possibilities in terms of design. We also write about various applications of architectural concrete on the wall on our blog, where we present you with our inspirations.

Here's what we can offer as part of our store!

Architectural concrete texture

Heavily porous

Architectural concrete - colors

Gray (natural)
Dark grey

Architectural concrete facade panels

Modern Concrete offers a wide range of facade panels. An exterior wall made of architectural concrete looks elegant and grand, and is resistant to weather and mechanical damage. The way the facade panels are installed makes the concrete on the exterior walls protective and decorative at the same time. Such facades are popular on the walls of such buildings as apartment blocks, apartment buildings, shopping malls, business buildings, and are increasingly common in single-family homes, where such panels are laid on the facades. Architectural concrete can be laid on the entire facade or on part of it. If you are interested in concrete on exterior walls, be sure to check out the offer for facade panels.

Interior wall panels made of architectural concrete

What else can architectural concrete be used for? The slabs are perfect as an element of interior design. Our architectural concrete panels are made of smooth, porous or highly porous material in shades ranging from white, through gray to anthracite. Concrete on interior walls looks extremely tasteful and goes well with wood, glass and metal, as well as with classic plaster walls. For examples of realizations of what such a wall of architectural concrete looks like, see the offer for interior wall panels.

Architectural concrete as cladding of steps for stairs

We also have a suggestion for people who are looking for interesting solutions for both interior and exterior stairs and staircases. Architectural concrete cladding is a good way to protect stairs and change their appearance. At Modern Concrete we make architectural concrete cladding, treads and risers, as well as prefabricated stairs. They have a porous structure and are impregnated against the negative effects of moisture. Check out details: stairs and step facings.

Concrete patio and garden slabs

Modern Concrete also offers the possibility of cladding for terraces. Ready-made architectural concrete as garden panels for lining paths is an interesting option for gardens and allotments, as well as for decorating hotel gardens, spaces, terraces and balconies. Architectural concrete slabs have it that, with proper impregnation and rules of use, they will perform well as just such elements. Their high durability makes them well able to withstand both high temperatures in the sunny summer and the cold of winter. If you are interested in architectural concrete for your terrace or garden, be sure to check out our store: concrete terrace slabs.

Small architecture

Ready-mixed architectural concrete is not only slabs for walls, but also a wide range of so-called landscaping elements. At Modern Concrete we make, among other things, concrete flowerpots of various shapes, trash garbage cans, seats and benches, and many other items that can appear in public spaces or on private plots and gardens. Our company undertakes both the execution of entire projects and the preparation of prefabricated products for use according to your own plan. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer: store of small architecture made of concrete.

Individual Designs

Architectural concrete offers many possibilities, which is why at Modern Concrete we do not close ourselves to a basic offer including architectural concrete for walls, panels and slabs of concrete, as well as stair facings and elements of small architecture. We also carry out individual orders based on ready-made designs - both whole and products that are elements of a larger structure. If you have an idea and are looking for a company that creates any architectural concrete projects, come to us! Get to know: individual projects made of concrete

Modern Concrete architectural concrete - one store, good prices, many options!

To make the choice easier, we have prepared a wide selection of ready-made concrete slabs, but we also give you the opportunity to prepare products according to your individual needs. Prices for ordinary concrete slabs are given on the page in the offer tab, where we update our price list. However, if you are interested in prices for non-standard architectural concrete slabs of other shapes or dimensions, ask us about the price list, we will prepare an individual proposal.

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