Concrete slabs for driveway

There are many ideas for arranging the space in front of the house. Recently, there has been an increasing move away from traditional paving stones in favor of more modern solutions. One of them are large-format concrete slabs for the driveway, the production of which is handled by Modern Concrete.

We make concrete slabs for the driveway for both individual customers and companies. Details of our offer are available in the catalog.

Garden / sidewalk concrete slabs:


Modern Concrete - large format concrete slabs for driveway

We offer architectural concrete for the driveway in the form of large-format panels. This is a surface finishing method that is gaining more and more supporters every year. Our concrete slabs for the driveway are simple and minimalist, so they fit perfectly into the currently fashionable concepts of arranging the space in front of the house, and at the same time they are characterized by versatility in terms of composition possibilities. All this determines the popularity that concrete slabs for the driveway have enjoyed for years. The price, which is not exorbitant, is just another advantage.

All the concrete slabs for the garage entrance available from us are of large format. Wanting to make it easier to customize them, we sell them in as many as four sizes and color variants. Architectural concrete for the driveway is available in white, natural, dark gray and anthracite, among other colors.

How much do our concrete slabs for driveway cost? The price of Modern Concrete products depends on their size. To find out more, just contact us by phone or email.

Unique architectural concrete for driveway

One of a kind - this is what architectural concrete is. The driveway made of it will definitely stand out against the background of neighboring properties. Plates with a porous, raw surface will catch the eye of the surroundings not only because of their modern appearance, but also their uniqueness. Each of them looks slightly different, which is due to the air bubbles that enter the mixture during production. Architectural concrete slabs for the driveway create a unique, unrepeatable and at the same time harmonious arrangement of the space in front of the house. You will not find another identical one, which further supports their purchase. If you do not know which concrete slabs for a garage entrance will best meet your expectations, please contact us - we will be happy to advise you on the choice.

Architectural concrete slabs for driveway - durable and long-lasting

Our garage driveway panels are not only a modern, aesthetically pleasing surface finish. They are also characterized by resistance to harmful weather conditions such as rain, frost or snow. They do not absorb excess water, and dirt does not get under their coating, so that after many years they look as good as when they were purchased. It's all thanks to the fact that at Modern Concrete we take care to properly protect the concrete slabs for the garage driveway. Each piece has a special coating to protect it from the elements and make it easy to clean.

When choosing architectural concrete slabs for your driveway, it's a good idea to match them to the type of vehicles that will be driving on the driveway. You can be sure that all the architectural concrete slabs for driveway we offer are characterized by extraordinary durability. They are able to support the weight of cars and even trucks. It is accepted that when the driveway will be operated by vehicles heavier than 3.5 tons, it is always worth choosing concrete slabs for the driveway with a thickness of more than 7 cm.

Concrete slabs for garage entrance Modern Concrete

Modern Concrete slabs for garage entrance have an original look that perfectly complements modern buildings. Large concrete slabs for a driveway have much greater durability than the alternatives available on the market. Their installation is easy and quick, making them a better choice than traditional paving stones or clinker bricks. Our architectural concrete for driveway is second to none - in every respect.

Do you want to order concrete slabs for your driveway? The price of the elements depends on their dimensions and the quantity needed. Call or write to us for details.