Concrete slabs for garden paths

A path in the garden should not only be functional, but also perfectly integrated into the surrounding space. Concrete slabs, available in many sizes and color variants will be perfect for its construction. Their production and installation is handled by Modern Concrete.

We make concrete slabs for garden paths for individual customers and companies. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer - slabs for garden paths.

Garden / sidewalk concrete slabs:


Modern Concrete - concrete slabs for the garden

To meet your needs, we offer concrete garden slabs in a wide range of colors and many sizes. They are an extremely versatile solution, allowing you to build different types of paths. Concrete garden slabs can create straight or winding routes, depending on your individual idea of space layout. Matching them to the surroundings should not be a problem either. Our concrete garden slabs are characterized by simplicity and minimalism, which translates into the ease of the arrangement itself. They blend perfectly with virtually all species of plants.

How much do concrete garden slabs cost? The price of Modern Concrete products depends on their dimensions. Just contact us by phone or email for more details.

Concrete slabs for garden paths

Our concrete garden slabs are one of a kind. It's all due to the air bubbles created in the process of preparing the mixture, which give them an original look. Concrete with its characteristic porous surface definitely stands out from its surroundings. No two elements made of it are the same, but this is where its charm lies. Each concrete garden slab is unique, but nevertheless forms a harmonious whole with the others. Running between flowers, trees and shrubs, it catches the eye, while not drawing too much attention away from the vegetation.

Concrete garden slab - durable and long-lasting

Concrete slabs for garden paths Modern Concrete is characterized not only by a striking appearance, but also by durability and strength. Due to modern production technology, the garden concrete slab is always extremely solid, resistant to cracking and water absorption. Concrete slabs for garden paths are also not damaged by atmospheric conditions such as frost, rain or snow, which is particularly important from the perspective of their use outdoors. Our concrete garden slabs can be used all year round in all conditions and still maintain great condition. This is what distinguishes them from elements made of other materials used for constructing paths.

Concrete garden slabs

What further characterizes the concrete garden slabs is the price, which is very affordable. Given the above characteristics, you may be surprised how much our concrete garden slabs cost. The price of Modern Concrete products is very favorable, especially considering their high quality. If you want to build a path that will look for many years as it did at the time of purchase, so you don't have to look any further. With us you will find a solution for your garden tailored to your needs. Arranging a modern terrace, path, garden or sidewalk - in each case, bet on concrete garden slabs. The price of the products at Modern Concrete will further encourage you to buy. Many individual customers also use the slabs to line the ground around a pond or pool, or to put up an architectural concrete fence. Wrocław, as well as other major cities, on the other hand, are sourcing slabs as part of their municipal budget, arranging gardens, skateparks or city squares, among other things.