Individual projects

Decorations using concrete elements are gaining in popularity. At Modern Concrete, we offer our customers solutions tailored to their ideas. We realise bespoke projects. We shape the architectural concrete according to your wishes.

We have prepared something especially for people who are looking for a company that realises individual projects made of architectural concrete. We have already made many such creations, such as concrete countertops for bars, landings for front doors and for monuments, beautiful countertops for bathrooms or decorative window sills. And that's just a small part of it. Find out what else we can make from concrete!

Architectural concrete has many uses, and the structures created from it are visually interesting, durable and resistant to damage. Concrete is not a boring material, and in the right hands it reveals its extremely interesting properties! At Modern Concrete, we know how to bend concrete to our will.

Architectural concrete prefabrication is nothing more than the process of preparing small architectural elements in advance, which are then put together on site. Prefabricated architectural concrete elements are used to make structural parts, façade parts or as components of small architecture that we can observe in public spaces.
Architectural concrete prefabrication - advantages:
  • A variety of objects and their components can be made. The most common are: benches, litter bins, steps, flower pots, fences.
  • Repeatability in terms of form and accuracy in terms of dimensions.
  • Various colour versions and textures are available.
  • Architectural concrete precast elements are very similar to each other, but they are never identical. You could say that they have their individual 'fingerprints'.
  • Automation of the process enables high production efficiency.

Architectural concrete prefabrication is a process that offers many possibilities and significantly speeds up the construction and finishing of buildings or urban architecture. Prefabricated fair-faced concrete elements from Modern Concrete can be ordered in advance based on a pre-designed project or you can use the prefabricated elements from our range. These include facade cladding, interior slabs, stair treads, flower pots and concrete worktops.