Architectural concrete fence

Architectural concrete fence provides a shield from prying eyes, keeps unauthorized visitors away, and demarcates property boundaries. Architectural concrete panel fencing also looks elegant, professional and designer. Just take a look at Modern Concrete's numerous projects to see that a fence made of architectural concrete is not only a barrier that is difficult to break through, but also a decorative structure.

Cladding boards for fences

120x60x2 cm

Area: 0.72 m²
Weight: 24 kg
100x50x1,5 cm

Area: 0.5 m²
Weight: 15 kg

Modern Concrete architectural concrete fence is made from ready-made, precisely cast blocks. Each element is tightly fitted together with no looseness or unsightly gaps or blemishes. Modern architectural concrete fences are minimalist, and thus easily adaptable to different types of home and garden arrangements. These are structures that will fit into both urban and rural spaces. Thus, the possibilities offered by architectural concrete panels for fencing are gladly used not only by individual customers using them in the space of their homes. They are also appreciated by business customers who are keen for modern architectural concrete fences to be erected in urban spaces or on the premises of companies and public facilities especially in larger cities such as Wroclaw.

Fence panels - bet on durable construction

Modern architectural concrete fences are extremely durable structures. Concrete panels are resistant to weather conditions, mechanical damage,, do not succumb to microflora, and their cleaning is very easy and does not require special chemicals. Architectural concrete fence panels also remain among the most resistant to the passage of time. All this determines the great popularity that architectural concrete fencing has enjoyed for years. The price, which is very affordable, further supports the purchase.

Why choose architectural concrete for a fence?

Architectural concrete for fencing is a good choice for many reasons.

  • Architectural concrete fence panels are made separately, providing a slightly different look for each piece. he differences are minor and include some imperfections, grooves and the texture of the concrete.

  • Large blocks make the architectural concrete fence build quickly and efficiently.

  • Thanks to the possibility of ordering blocks of different shades and textures, you can get extremely interesting visual effects.

  • Architectural concrete fence can be combined with metal and wooden segments, so such a wall does not have to be uniform, resembling a fortress fence. On the contrary, it can be an attractive composition consisting of many components.

  • Architectural concrete fence panels are durable and resistant to damage. So it is a structure for many years, which will resist the negative effects of rain, snow, frost, UV radiation, careless parking, or even acts of vandalism.

  • Architectural concrete fence will provide both you and all household members with a sense of security, as well as privacy Contact us to place your order.