Architectural concrete flower pots

Concrete is a material with an extremely wide range of applications. It can be used to make not only finishing elements, but also objects of decorative and functional value. Recently, architectural concrete flower pots in particular have become popular. Their production is handled by Modern Concrete

Concrete flower pots

Square flower pots

Square pots tall

Rectangular flower pots

Rectangular pots tall

Color of terrace and garden elements:
Gray (natural)
Dark grey

Modern Concrete - producent donic betonowych

Modern Concrete is a manufacturer of concrete pots that always puts customer satisfaction first. That's why we offer a wide range of customized garden accessories, as well as custom concrete pots. Our range includes architectural concrete pots large and small, square and rectangular in shape, available in as many as five color variants: white, beige, natural, dark gray, anthracite.

Custom concrete flower pots

You can choose from the following concrete pots for size:

  • square concrete pots 50x50x50, 40x40x40

  • square high concrete flower pots, 50x50x100, 40x40x60

  • rectangular concrete flower pots, 100x50x50, 80x40x40

  • high rectangular concrete flower pots, 120x40x70, 100x30x60

How much do concrete garden pots cost? The price of the products is given to each customer individually. Just send an email inquiry or call to know all the details.

Modern concrete pots

Original and unique - these words best describe architectural concrete flower pots. Manufacturer Modern Concrete makes all garden accessories from start to finish itself, which translates into their unique appearance. We make concrete pots to order, which, due to their porous structure, formed as a result of aeration and cooling of the mixture, immediately attract the eye. In our offer there are no two models with the same surface, which is undoubtedly a certain charm. Each concrete garden pot presents itself slightly differently, although this is not always noticeable at first glance.

Concrete pots for the garden

Garden pots made of architectural concrete Modern Concrete are eagerly chosen by both individual and business customers because of their numerous advantages. The first is a universal and timeless design in line with current trends. Recently, minimalism has gained popularity, the perfect expression of which are our modern concrete pots. They are distinguished by simple, even austere aesthetics and a shape modeled on geometric figures.. Thanks to their subdued color scheme, dominated by beiges and grays, they go well with virtually all plant species.

Versatile architectural concrete pots

Garden pots made of architectural concrete are widely used in outdoor arrangements. Depending on your needs, they can be used in many ways. The most common are concrete pots for the terrace, concrete pots for the garden and concrete pots to put in front of the house. Concrete park pots also look great recently, especially in the space of larger cities such as Wroclaw. Custom concrete flower pots, but also all the architectural concrete flower pots available in our store can be placed not only outdoors, but also indoors in accordance with current trends.

Donice betonowe – trwałe i wytrzymałe

Durable and durable concrete garden pots? Manufacturer Modern Concrete knows that only such can survive outside regardless of the weather. Thanks to an innovative manufacturing method, our customized concrete pots are therefore resistant to harmful weather elements. This means that they can be placed outside without the risk that the sun's rays or heavy rain will damage the concrete garden pots. The manufacturer also made sure that they are protected from damage resulting from water infiltration from the ground (they are protected from this by a special impregnating layer).

With so many valuable properties, it may come as a surprise to many people how much the concrete pots we offer cost. Indeed, the prices of Modern Concrete products are very attractive, especially considering their high quality. To find out, just send an inquiry for "concrete pots-price list". Do you want to buy durable and long-lasting architectural concrete pots for your garden? Manufacturer Modern Concrete offers everything you need and at a favorable price.

Architectural concrete garden pots

Gardening enthusiasts are sure to know something for themselves at our company. We produce concrete pots for the garden, which will be perfect for planting various types of vegetation. The best choice for them will be species with a root system that does not grow excessively and is relatively easy to grow. Kosodrzewina, Berberis, Boxwood, Chinese Miscanthus or Shrub Bamboo are just some of them. Our concrete garden pots can also be used for more demanding plants. Then it is best to place them in a special cover so that they have optimal conditions for development. Are you planning to decorate your garden or terrace with concrete pots? Browse the Modern Concrete catalog and choose architectural concrete garden pots for yourself. Pay attention to the shape and choose the color you want the concrete garden pots to have. The price will most often depend on the size of the pot, among other things.

Concrete garden pots - manufacturer Modern Concrete

Modern Concrete as a manufacturer of concrete pots definitely stands out in the market. We offer garden accessories that delight with their aesthetic appearance, which is in line with the latest trends in greenery design, as well as durability and strength regardless of weather conditions. All this makes that there are no second products like our concrete garden pots. Their price also encourages the purchase, or rather a long-term investment. After all, concrete is a raw material that maintains great condition and appearance for many years, so any concrete garden pot will look great for a long time.

Want to decorate your garden impressively, bet on our concrete pots. The price of each product is given by phone or email. If you dream of beautiful architectural concrete flower pots, manufacturer Modern Concrete will be the best choice. Feel free to contact us!