Why is concrete in the bathroom a good choice?

Architectural concrete in bathrooms has become an object of desire not only for residents of post-factory buildings or high lofts, but also for standard rooms in blocks of flats. No wonder, it is an extremely durable material, which by its presence emphasizes the elegance and good taste of the apartment owner. The bathroom, on the other hand, is a room in which decorative concrete gives considerable room for use. Architectural concrete will perfectly replace tiles, as well as natural stone. See interesting ideas for concrete in bathrooms and get inspired by current trends in decorating the space.

Stylish bathroom with architectural concrete

Architectural concrete bathroom is currently a very popular interior design concept, which draws inspiration from many modern styles: minimalist, industrial, modernist or futuristic. The use of concrete in bathrooms is gaining a growing number of supporters due to its versatility in design. It is simple and minimalist, so it gives any space an interesting atmosphere. Currently in the stores we can find many fashionable proposals for such furnishings, including designer tiles for bathrooms. Concrete arrangements can take any color, texture or pattern. Contrary to popular belief, an architectural concrete bathroom is not just about raw aesthetics - with the right textiles and accessories it can gain a very cozy character. For inspiration on how to give the room such an atmosphere, see this article.

Concrete in bathrooms and its properties

If you are planning to decorate your apartment or house, you need to be aware of the properties that decorative concrete has. Bathroom from this raw material is a great solution. Concrete has many advantages - it does not absorb moisture, and at the same time has a high resistance to damage. This makes it very suitable for such elements as bathroom tiles. Arrangements made of this raw material, however, should be characterized by finishing at the appropriate level - professional grinding and polishing testify to the high quality of concrete tiles. When choosing equipment for the bathroom, it is worth using the offer of Modern Concrete. We have a very wide assortment, so you will easily find a product perfectly suited to your needs.

Concrete bathroom - easy to maintain

Bathroom and concrete is a perfect combination also because of the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Concrete surfaces are very simple to maintain in pristine condition - they do not have joints in the form of joints, on which dirt very often settles. Concrete in the bathroom can be used on the walls, in the shower, and even the floor. However, to keep it in great condition, you need to take care of its regular impregnation with appropriate preparations. The use of specialized agents protects concrete surfaces from stains and discoloration, which can occur as a result of contact with water. It also allows you o protect the tiles from various types of damage , to which they are exposed during daily use of the bathroom.

Concrete tiles for bathrooms - arrangements

A very fashionable interior design concept in recent times is concrete tiles for bathrooms. Arrangements with this material can really take many forms, from concrete total looks to unobvious combinations of wood and concrete.. The raw aesthetics, minimalist design and natural effect make architectural concrete It is a great alternative to natural stone, which is much more expensive and more difficult to maintain. It's also a much better solution than concrete-like ceramic bathroom tiles. Imitation concrete, unlike the natural material, deteriorates and discolors very quickly.

Decorative concrete compositions

At Modern Concrete, there are three textures of concrete slabs - smooth, porous and highly porous - and five colors to choose from. This creates huge possibilities for room design. If you like simple, uniform forms, cover all the walls with one type of concrete, this will create a cohesive concept that will suit minimalist, naturalistic styles. If you like combining colors and want a visually interesting wall, use two or three colors of slabs. Arranged alternately, they will give the impression of a concrete checkerboard. Such a solution works especially well in small rooms, without giving the impression of a uniform concrete block.

Bathroom - arrangement with dominant architectural concrete

Architectural concrete in bathrooms looks elegant combined with wood. Put concrete on two walls in one or two colors, paint the rest of the walls white. You can put real planks on the floor, but tiles imitating wood will look just as favorable. If your bathroom is located in the attic and there are visible wooden beams, do not cover them with anything, they give great charm to the room. Architectural concrete in the bathroom goes well with white tiles. If you are installing a shower stall, tile it with the same tiles as are on the floor, while install decorative concrete on the rest of the walls. Complete the bathroom with white furniture and a large mirror in a white frame. Decorated in this way, the room will give the impression of being larger than it really is, and exceptionally clean.

Fashionable accessories for the bathroom

Modern interiors use not only concrete tiles for bathrooms. Arrangements using this raw material also include other elements of equipment. A very fashionable solution recently are concrete bathroom countertops, characterized by exceptional durability and resistance to damage. An equally interesting proposal is a concrete washbasin - it will give an interesting character to any arrangement. Among the current interior trends, we can also find pots made of concrete, which you will find in our offer. We carry out small architecture on an individual customer order. If you want to learn more about it, visit the Modern Concrete website.

How to install and protect concrete in the bathroom?

Decorative concrete on a bathroom wall looks great, but in order for it to please the eye for a long time, it must be properly prepared. The bathroom is a place where there is often moisture and steam, rising from a hot bath. Therefore, in this room especially should take care of its waterproofing. To ensure that the concrete wall is not damaged, it is best to paint the panels with impregnation twice. This will protect the concrete from unwanted discoloration and stains. Proper installation is also an important issue. The adhesives that we use to install the panels are extremely durable, and even a lot of moisture in the bathroom will not cause the panels to peel off and fall off. They can also be reinforced with screws, which play an additional decorative role. Visible screws will be an additional element that emphasizes the character of the industrial style.

Even one concrete wall in your bathroom will guarantee a classy style and the delight of your guests. But most importantly, this is a material that even with the passage of years does not deteriorate, and even after many years after laying it on the wall, it will be pleasing to the eye.