Concrete walls in the living room

The living room is the meeting place of the whole family. This room is where every member of the household spends the most time during the day, so the arrangement of the living room should be extremely thoughtful. A large room should be a warm place, attracting all family members, but also practical, so that the use of this room is not a nuisance. A modern and elegant solution, for example, is a concrete wall in the living room. However, in this text we also present other ways and principles of finishing this room.

Modern living room - design principles

The most important of the rules is to maintain adequate space. A modern-style living room should be about 20m2, so that all the necessary furniture can fit in it, without creating visual clutter. In a larger living room, care should be taken not to create empty spaces, which, contrary to appearances, will not affect the feeling of more space, but will give the impression of an unfinished room.

Very important from the practical side are the communication routes. It is assumed that the trail connecting all the entrances to the room should be 80 cm wide. Therefore, if your living room has a balcony, then on the route "front door to the living room - balcony", nothing should stand, and you should freely be able to walk this distance, without moving, for example, a table.

Due to the fact that most time is spent in the large room, it is worth taking care of the lighting. The best would be those naturally flowing into the apartment through windows from three directions. However, such a solution is rarely found in apartment blocks. Windows on the south side are also highly desirable and provide plenty of light throughout the day. If the windows to the living room are located on the eastern side, and the sun's rays into your apartment come only to the south, take care of a large number of light points. Be sure to place a chandelier over the table and around the lounge sofa. You can get additional lighting points by placing standing lamps.

Living room arrangement - walls and floors

The best and most durable, but the most expensive flooring solution are wooden planks, which will, however, serve you for many years. If you decide to go for them, choose oak or ash planks - they retain the longest life. Definitely cheaper, but equally good solution are panels. Choose ones with an abrasion class of AC4 or AC5 and a thickness of at least 7 mm, so they will look good for several years. Panels, unlike wood flooring, are available in many colors and textures, so you can perfectly match them to the style in which you decorate the room. Another solution is carpeting, which, although it gives a pleasant warmth, is difficult to take care of its cleanliness, especially if there are pets in the house.

Walls in the living room are an element with practically endless design possibilities, but be sure that they match the overall concept of the room. Wallpaper has recently become fashionable again, especially those in 3D style or depicting landscapes or floral patterns. If you want to have such wallpaper in a room, line only one of the walls with it, so that the patterns are not overwhelming. Paint the rest of the walls in the color that is also visible on the wallpaper. Another solution that is gaining popularity is concrete slabs in the living room.

Architectural concrete in the living room - a bridge between the old and the new

For large living rooms, architectural concrete is often chosen to create an elegant, unfussy atmosphere. The tiles are available in different sizes, in white or in many shades of gray. They can be used to create a single-color wall or a composition of different shades. Concrete on the living room wall will work especially well if you want to decorate the room in an industrial style. A concrete wall in the living room is an emphasis on minimalist, post-industrial design. A brick wall, left in its natural color or painted white, also looks great in large spaces.

The easiest and cheapest solution to change the interior is to paint the walls with paint. Before applying the paint, make sure that the walls are smooth, any chips or holes will be more visible after the color is applied. Rooms painted white have recently become fashionable, but there is a whole palette of colors on the market that you are free to use.

Detailed design and consistent adherence to the style arrangements in which your living room will be decorated will allow you to create the visually consistent room of your dreams, which will be your pride and joy for many years to come.

A concrete wall in the living room is a solution that is not only durable, but also very elegant. What's more, concrete on the living room wall can be perfectly combined with other materials or design elements. Ask us for more.

Our realizations of modern living rooms using architectural concrete panels