Concrete / facade panels - offer and price list

MODERN CONCRETE are façade panels made of high-quality architectural concrete, with a beautifully shaped structure (from satin smooth to medium and strong porosity), slender and very thin (8mm).

The technology of hand-pouring and shuttering the slabs makes the gray, homogeneous and minimalist slabs both unique and unrepeatable, like the fingerprints of our fingers.

A perfectly refined mix has created lightweight and durable slabs.

Texture of architectural concrete panels

Heavily porous

Colour of architectural concrete panels

Gray (natural)
Dark grey
60 cm / 120 cm
Thickness: 1.1cm / 2 cm
Area: 0.72 m²
Weight: 13kg / 24kg
50 cm / 100 cm
Thickness: 1.5 cm
Area: 0.5 m²
Weight: 15 kg

Prices of architectural concrete panels

117 zł/pc143,91 zł/pc
162,5 zł/m²199,88 zł/m²
99 zł/pc121,77 zł/pc
137,5 zł/m²169,13 zł/m²
CATALOGUE PRICE FORMAT 100 x 50 x 1.5 cm
75 zł/pc92,25 zł/pc
150 zł/m²184,50 zł/m²
69 zł/pc84,87 zł/pc
138 zł/m²169,74 zł/m²


Holes imitating anchors– 2,5 zł/szt/net

Drilling holes for anchors – 0,7 zł/szt/net

Decorative anchors visible – 2,5 zł/szt/net

Additional services

Slab cutting +12 zł/mb/net

Waterproofing +10 zł/m2/net

Impregnate 80 zł/1L (10-12m2)/net

Architectural panels - functional and decorative

Think that concrete and concrete walls are simply a mixture of water, cement and sand, and that nothing interesting can be made of it? You don't know yet how wrong you are. Check out our realizations on concrete tiles, and you will see that there is incredible structural and decorative power in architectural concrete.

We are a company specializing in providing proven, durable and beneficial architectural and construction solutions, and in particular, we produce façade concrete tiles. Modern Concrete is a manufacturer of concrete walls, slabs and structural elements, our product range includes decorative concrete slabs, outdoor architectural concrete, concrete imitation tiles, as well as kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Why use concrete for a wall?

It is said that there is strength in simplicity. And it is this simplicity that speaks for the use of a solution such as concrete slabs for the wall. Thanks to the technology of hand-pouring and shuttering the slabs, each piece is slightly different. Each facade concrete slab is characterized by an individual, unique texture, like fingerprints. But at the same time, concrete slabs are repeatable, meaning they are the same size, thickness and composition. Our customers can be sure of each, individual piece.

Concrete slabs for the wall are durable, weatherproof and easy to install. With a little knowledge and time, you can install them yourself, which will certainly reduce the cost of construction or renovation. If you don't know how to install concrete facade panels, we've prepared a special guide for you on how to install concrete facade panels.

How to use architectural concrete panels?

Concrete is an extremely versatile material that can be tailored to the designer's vision. Concrete façade tiles are great for finishing the exterior walls of both single-family houses and large buildings such as blocks of flats, office buildings and shopping malls. Concrete facades are durable and resistant to weather conditions, as well as urban dirt (sediment, smog, mud). Concrete facade tiles will work well as a replacement for traditional plaster or as an additional decorative element to break up the styling of the building.

Facade concrete will also work well for other elements of exterior architecture. For example, decorative concrete tiles can be used for walls and fences, as well as concrete panels for a garage wall or other exterior finish.

Concrete wall panels are also recommended as a type of interior decoration. We recommend decorative concrete tiles, which in various configurations and variations can perfectly complement industrial, minimalist or any other type of decor. Our concrete wall tiles are made in several versions (shades of natural concrete), and no two architectural tiles are ever identical. Decorative concrete slabs can be combined and selected to create interesting compositions.

Modern Concrete wall panels have their own individual texture and color scheme. This is not just ordinary concrete, but something much more - decorative concrete panels intended as a way to finish apartments, premises, corridors, staircases or other interiors. Concrete panels for the wall are durable, long-lasting and easy to clean, even for difficult stains such as greasy stains.

Concrete slabs - the most important advantages:

Many possibilities
Facade panels and decorative concrete panels can have many, many uses. They can be used to line the exterior wall of a building or to make a foundation. They can also be used as interior decorations for apartments, wall concrete for lining hallways, staircases, etc.
Favorable price
Finally, what very often counts during construction is the cost. Decorative concrete price per m2 is very attractive comparing cost with quality
Concrete slab is resistant to weather, abrasion, mechanical damage, as well as to microorganisms and fungi. Subject to periodic maintenance, such a slab will really endure a lot.
Visually appealing
Architectural facade concrete is made traditionally, it is hand poured, and this means that each tile has a slightly different character and appearance. Decorative concrete tiles are made in our production hall, where we use special mixtures of dyes to achieve interesting color effects.
Easy to install and remove
Concrete slabs for the wall can be ordered ready-made with delivery, and then installed by yourself. No specialized equipment is required for this. If it so happened that any slab gets damaged it can be easily removed and replaced without having to renovate the entire wall. Concrete facade tiles are first of all convenience!They are also a graceful material for interior design, finishing staircases and corridors, and also as a way to give a room an industrial character. Architectural concrete (manufacturer Modern Concrete) is a decorative and protective material with which you can really do a lot.
5 reasons to buy architectural panels directly from the manufacturer Modern Concrete:
  • You save - The price of architectural concrete panels is much lower at the manufacturer than at brokers.
  • You decide - Decorative concrete panels are made to individual order, and this means that we can produce concrete wall panels of a different thickness than the standard. In any color, size and even design.
  • Full service - We provide expert assistance in calculating the number of slabs needed. We manufacture and install our concrete facade panels to order. We have years of experience, so you will avoid surprises during construction and renovation.
  • Fitting - We provide perfectly fitting concrete slabs - concrete façade tiles will fit to the millimeter. In addition, we can prepare the pieces already cut to size so that the customer can just install the ordered concrete façade tiles, without prior preparation, cutting and measuring. We will make even cuts and holes, which makes installation much easier.
  • Transportation of slabs - We secure the concrete slabs for the wall in such a way as to minimize the possibility of damage to them during transportation. Transportation is an added service, but by ordering a concrete slab with transportation, you can be sure that the price will be attractive.

Modern Concrete is a Polish company that manufactures concrete tiles from high-quality, resistant and decorative material - facade concrete. We make both standard sizes and non-standard pieces to the individual order of the client or the architect designing the building. We are flexible and are happy to offer interesting solutions for decorative architectural concrete panels.

Decorative concrete walls - attractive design - low price - high quality!

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