Small architecture made of architectural concrete

Concrete is a material from which a vast array of ingenious objects and decorative elements can be conjured. It is not only a construction material, but also decorative, as evidenced by small architecture made of concrete. Examples of this type of implementation are numerous, and architectural concrete works well both for garden, backyard and hotel applications, as well as to make public use spaces more attractive.

We make non-standard elements, terrace and cladding panels in individual dimensions for individual customers and companies.

The following offer applies to our standard products.

Concrete flower pots

Square flower pots

Square pots tall

Rectangular flower pots

Rectangular pots tall

Color of terrace and garden elements:
Gray (natural)
Dark grey

Small architecture made of architectural concrete has many advantages. First of all, it is durability, which surpasses many other materials - concrete has few equals in terms of resistance. Another advantage of this type of construction is plasticity and ease of shaping at the production stage. We are able to make really a lot from this material. Small architecture made of concrete delights with a multitude of shapes, forms and ingenuity. The next advantage worth noting is the simplicity and minimalism, and at the same time the style, which is characterized by small architecture made of architectural concrete. Stout shapes, monumental sizes, or, on the contrary, delicate but expressive elements, characterized by the typical concrete form - all this makes the possibility of shaping the character of the space almost unlimited.

Modern Concrete's offer includes both ready-made elements of small architecture, made of prefabricated elements, as well as custom-made products, according to the customer's wishes. Small architecture made of concrete includes decorative concrete flower pots, garden benches and chairs, waste baskets, or sculptures, statues or other art elements.

The decor of a terrace or garden can be complemented by other elements - small architecture made of architectural concrete is not only durable, but is also a great decoration. Due to its minimalist nature, small architecture made of concrete in the form of simple pots will allow any arrangement of the terrace or garden by selecting appropriate plants - colorful flowering plants will give a completely different character than meandering ivy or elegant bamboo.

If you are looking for a decoration that will highlight a terrace, driveway under the house, garden, alley or place in a public space in an unusual and noticeable way, then small architecture made of concrete is exactly what you need.

We do custom designs, and we also have a wide base of ready-made projects, which you can view in our offer and order. We encourage you to take a look at our photo gallery and realizations. And if you are looking for inspiration on how small architecture made of concrete can decorate your space, be sure to visit the Modern Concrete blog, where we publish interesting ideas