MODERN CONCRETE is a facade panel made of high quality architectural concrete with a beautifully shaped structure (from satin smooth to medium and high porosity), slender and very thin (15-20 mm).

The manual pouring and panning technology makes the gray, homogeneous and minimalist tiles unique, like fingerprints.

The perfectly refined blend has made it possible to create tiles that are both lightweight and durable.

Architectonic concrete tile textures

Highly porous

Architectonic concrete tile colors


Light Grey
Natural Grey
Dark Grey

60 cm / 120 cm

Thickness: 2 cm
Area: 0,72 m²
Weight: 24 kg

50 cm / 100 cm

Thickness: 1,5 cm
Area: 0,5 m²
Weight: 15 kg

Standard architectural concrete tile dimensions

Architectural concrete at a good price

For your convenience we have divided the prices of architectural concrete tiles into two groups: the price per m2 and the price of one tile. This price list division allows you to easily calculate the cost of an interior wall or elevation made of architectural concrete. If you have any problems with calculating the amount of tiles needed, please contact us. Our specialists will help you with valuation and calculations, and give expert advice.

Not only a good tile price…

Why buy architectural concrete directly from the manufacturer?

You save – the price of architectural concrete tiles (both per m2 and per tile) is much lower with the manufacturer than from middlemen.

Architectural concrete tiles on individual request – we can produce tiles of a different thickness than the standard on special request. In such cases, we set the price individually (m2 and per piece).

We provide professional help in calculating the number of tiles needed for your project – we have many years of experience in manufacturing and installing architectural concrete elements. This will help you avoid surprises during construction and renovation.

Perfectly matched concrete tiles – we can additionally prepare tiles already cut to size. We have professional equipment used to make even cuts and holes. This will make it easier and faster for you to assemble and install them.

Tile transport – we provide professional tile transport. We protect architectural concrete tiles so as to minimize possible damage during transportation as much as possible. Please note transport is not included in the price of architectural concrete tiles.


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