If you stick to the rules, installing architectural concrete tiles is very simple, though it is of course best to trust the professionals with this task.

Also, keep in mind that when you store the tiles after unloading them, always position them as vertically as possible on the long edge, and preferably design forward (to eliminate the possibility of a mistake being made during installation).

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to how to install architectural concrete tiles:

  1. Before installing, lay out the tiles to match any shades and check for damage.

2. Make sure that the tiles will stick to smoothed walls. If in doubt, use one of the mechanical fasteners or mount the OSB on the wall.




a) Visible – round decorative anchors.







b) Invisible – Mechanical SecretAlu Strip.






3.When installing architectural concrete on the OSBs, they should be carefully pinched to the wall. Polyurethane glues are recommended for installation, as is the use of a contact layer for difficult surfaces.




Prior to installation, the surfaces should be primed with sand. In some cases, it is recommended to use contact layer for difficult surfaces.

The glue should spread using a so-called. “comb”; other tools are not recommended as they can cause discoloration and deformation of the plates.



4.Modern Concrete tiles can be cut and drilled as needed. Use masonry tools, not glazing ones. Plates drilled without impact.

5. For installation we recommend the use of two-component polyurethane (anhydrous) glues. If any other kind of glues is used, complaints will not be accepted.

When using another kind of glue than the one recommended by us, first install one tile to make sure it sticks and that the tiles do not deform.

If you get any glue on a tile, you need to remove it immediately!

After installing the tiles, we recommend using Modern Concrete finishing.

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