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Create an exceptional kitchen for yourself, your family and your guests.

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SStylish, modern and minimalistic- concrete countertops from Modern Concrete are not only functional, but also they create the atmosphere of your kitchen. There are two ways to create a good design- from general to specific, so choosing specific elements working well with the general idea of the interior, or from specific to general, where you create the interior around one, specific element. Concrete countertop works well both ways. It also is a perfect choice when all you want is a good, pretty and durable countertop.


Good choice for both- modern and traditional kitchen.

Great choice for everyone.

betonowy blatWe create construction elements and accessories made of architectural concrete with great strength parameters. Regarding composition, concrete countertops are same as other elements made of architectural concrete. They are made of mix of sand, cement and water with an addition of preparations increasing plasticity and resistance of the tiles. As an extras, by adding a little bit of dye to make the countertops we create colour effect. Thanks to this operation… it is impossible to find two identical countertops!.

Why should you choose concrete countertop?

BConcrete is a resistant and universal material which can be used in many projects regarding interior design such as kitchen islands, sinks, basins, shower trays, decorative elements and concrete countertops.

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Amongst many benefits of owning a concrete countertop , we have made a list of few most important ones:

  • Concrete countertop in the kitchen is strong, durable and resistant to scratches- it is most important as sometimes we get to cut our produces directly on the countertop.
  • It is resistant to water, high temperatures, and strong, chemical cleaning products.
  • Concrete countertop doesn’t require any special care- it’s enough to just impregnate it every few years.
  • Concrete countertop is a good choice not only in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom where, due to humidity, some special impregnation of different materials is needed.
  • When properly use, the concrete countertop will not collect germs and fungus, which we cannot say about classic wooden surfaces.
  • A big benefit is also a very attractive price, when considering the quality and durability of a concrete countertop.


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Concrete countertops made by Modern Concrete can be the main element of any kitchen: minimalistic in industrial style, stylish and modern kitchen, classic or even retro one. There is nothing holding back our imagination- concrete countertop can be integrated into all of the interior design styles, especially as it can be personalised, decorated and coloured.

We are proud to present our offer regarding the concrete countertops and we invite you to discover the possibilities. We want to show you few inspirations on how you can use our product in your own interiors. Concrete countertop has many benefits: price, quality, durability, resistance and aesthetics. Discover them all with us.

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